Sunday, December 7, 2008

Temple Square

Last night we got to go to Temple Square with friends and enjoy the beautiful lights. I would highly recommend this activity! It was so Beautiful. They have spread the lights throughout all of the Church buildings there. They had lots of different nativities set up from different cultures. It was so amazing to see.

In the middle of the square where the reflection pond was they had a large nativity that encircled the pond with Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the middle of the reflection pond! I was soo pretty!

In this picture you can see the middle of the pond with the statues there.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Oh how I love the Holidays! We got to spend Thanksgiving with my whole family in Idaho. It was Great to have everyone there. Nate and I joined the family Wednesday, and with us we brought Jumbo Crab Legs and Steak, YUMMY! (For any of you who are interested in a Fantastic recipe for cooking Crab Please let me know I will pass it along!)

We then prepared ourselves for the The next day festivities! Food, Food and more Food! This is one day of the year that I can consume massive amounts of incredible food. After pies and naps we all got to hang out and enjoy everyones company, and open some Christmas presents!

We decided to play a trick on my mom by replacing the purse that we got her with golf balls. And this picture portrays here confusion of know that the box was for a purse but why was there golf balls in its place. Nate then continued to tell here that these golf balls were going to improve her golf game by extreme measures.

And here is her with her Real present! Purses are her favorite collecting items.

Ellie got a couple of DVD's from us, but not just any DVD's Scooby Doo Movies! She has a new obsession with Scooby Doo so I decided to supply here with as much Scooby as I could. She also enjoyed helping everyone open there presents as well.

Here is Nate getting a kiss from Ellie for Scooby Doo!
The Friday following Thanksgiving Rupert has a tradition that Santa comes into the Town Square and turns on all of the Christmas lights followed by fireworks! We had a ton of fun taking Ellie there to see Santa. She loved it.

We then went home and enjoyed a very competitive round of Spoons! Nate and Steve had the massive advantage know exactly how to play. My dad figured that when he accomplished his match he would capture his spoon along with scattering everyone else. It was a blast! The weekend flew by. I love being home with my family and spending time with them I can't get enough of it. I love you guys and miss you Brit and Steve!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Fun!

So Nate and I have been spend a lot of time with friends and family this fall and it has been lots of fun. To kick it off we all celebrated Dougs birthday and the Timbermine Restaurant! It was a blast to spend time with the Durb's. We over ate and laughed until tears were coming up! I love them so much!

Later in October we took a trip with our friends to Las Vegas! It was so much fun! We played a few games, ate a lot of food, and listened to lots of good music! Nate and I spent an extra day there to have a little us time. It was so nice!

We went and walked through the Belagio and went into there amazing gardens! I would strongly encourage anyone heading down that way to stop. It is always amazing.

Friday, October 31, 2008


This Halloween was filled with friends, food, and fun! The celebration started with a girls night at Witchapalloza! It was a play type production where these people sang and interacted with the audiance. It was very interesting, but with all of the girls there we made it worth while!

My long lost friend Amber!

One of the many fabulous costumes these witches had!

Me with all of my favorite Girls!

Then we celebrated Halloween at Pat and Nicoles house with all of our friends! Well only the married ones. No one single wanted to attend... Hard one to figure out. We did a fun Pot Luck dinner with lots of goodies! It was fun to relax and enjoy everyones company.

Nicole and Carter Chillin!

Amber, Marina, and Me!

Unfortunatley I didn't get a photo of Nate, but he really didn't dress up. Most of the guys didn't. It was a lot of fun though!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I like Halloween. Probably not as much as Nate, but I really enjoy the theatrics of this holiday. Just this weekend we went with a bunch of friends to dinner and a haunted house (Nightmare on 13th) before Clint heads out on his mission. In all honesty I get so scared when we do stuff like that because I am a big scared y cat and Nate loves to give me an even harder time. But by the end of things I can sit back and laugh at myself.

So throughout the Haunted house we were trying to take pictures so half of them didn't turn, and we kept getting in trouble by the security people.
Here is Clint the future missionary!
Here is the mighty Jeff Willis!

WARNING!! Long Update

Well time has been flying by here for us. I have been meaning to update my blog, but have continued to run out of time. Well enough with excuses here is what has been going on with us over the last month and a half...

We went on a Durbano family vacation to Lake Powell! For those of you who have not been there let me tell you that it is a little slice of Heaven! We had perfect weather and even better company. Unfortunately I didn't take a camera so I have been waiting for others to send me pictures. I'll post them as soon as I get them. It was a fabulous trip!

I have had two of my best friends have babies that are completely adorable! First was Nicole & Pat Burns. They had a healthy baby boy that they named Carter. He is a cutie. He has an adorable older brother Lincoln that keeps Nicole on her toes! I love to hang out with them it a lot of fun!

My best friend Jessi had her first baby boy the end of September. It was quite an event. Crew was a tough little boy to get to leave the safety of his mother! He sure is cute. He came into the world a whopping 9 lbs. 1 oz. Nate and I got to meet up with them when they came to Utah to take Crews baby pictures. We love Jessi and Grant and miss them so much!

Here's Baby Crew! And below is Jessi and I!

Nate bought me my first EVER digital camera so I have been taking lots of pictures with it in hopes of being able to blog a little more often. So if the rest seems boring that's too bad!

Nate and I have been preparing for the winter. Here are a few pictures of the latest and greatest. We went into our forest of a back yard and cut down some dead trees to serve as firewood.

Nate with the mighty Chainsaw!Here's the start of our stack of Firewood

Our dogs are growing like crazy. It has been a lot of fun playing with them. They have some of the best personalities!

Roxy has become our little escape artist! She's dug holes climbed on top of the kennel all to get out.

And after a long day of play they crash on the couch with us.

This is the first time that they have ever been in snow! And the Love it. Every time that we brought them back in they would wine to get out. Oh by the way... We got 4 inches of snow!! Crazy.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Yesterday was our 1 year Anniversary! Man how that time flies by... Or as Nate put it "It feels like we have been married a lot longer!" (I think I'll take that as a compliment). The past year has been filled with Trips, Family, and Friends. What more can you ask for?

I am so Lucky to have such an amazing husband who Loves me and takes such good care of me! Nate I love you with all of my Heart and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you! I cherish every moment that we are together. I am truly the Luckiest girl to have someone that spoils me everyday with his sweet thoughts or his loving teasing, just to let me know he cares. Thanks Babe for all that you do!

I've put together a little slide show to take you down memory lane with me! I hope that you enjoy as much I have!

Sorry about the quantity of pictures, but I wanted to post them all!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend in Idaho!

This last weekend we took the Durbano's up to my parents house in Idaho. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. I forgot to take to camera so I didn't get any pictures... I am sad about that because it was such a beautiful weekend. Perfect weather!

We arrived Friday evening to dinner and a wonderful sunset on the river. It took me back to the good ole' days of waking up and going to bed in one of the most relaxing places possible not to mention that it's home and there is no where like home. I miss it sometimes, but I am really enjoying my new home!

Saturday we had a yummy breakfast on the deck caught up the Durbano's on my history in Idaho. After we decided to take a tour around the big metropolis of Rupert : ) We started at the Minidoka Damn and Ended at the Dairy farm! It was really fun! The Durbano's had really never been to a large dairy farm that operates with so much technology. It really is interesting. I would highly recommend it to someone.

Rhett and Natalie then joined us at the house for a little boating! I am truly spoiled, there is nothing to compair skiing on the river too. It is amazing! The water is glass there is no one to boat around it is pure bliss. We had a good time watching everyone wake board or surf. My dad even went wake boarding. Man do I wish I had my camera it was one for the record books. He even attempted a large jump (he let go of the rope though) but still got some air! Nice job dad.

All and all it was so fun to be surrounded by family! There is nothing better than that. We love you Guys !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4th of July

We got to spend the 4th of July in my home town... Rupert Idaho! It was a fun, crazy weekend. The weekend all started on Thursday afternoon on the drive up Nate and I could not stop laughing at Diesel... The first halve of the drive he was like a little kid trying to stay awake because he didn't want to miss a thing. He was leaning against the seat and his head would start to droop down, and as soon as it hit the door he'd jerk back up and do it again.
After arriving we got to relax and enjoy my family. My sister Britney and Brother-in-law Steve flew into town with Ellie so it was really nice to catch up with them and play with Ellie. As tradition goes we all get up and go to the Rupert parade on the 4th, but this year I think the parade was a little off... It seemed to be so much better as a kid.... It was still fun. Ellie became best Friends with Nate for the first time. She used his pockets to hold her candy so they are best buds now! I do have to tell you about this jaw dropping display in the parade. I wish all of you could have witnessed the madness to this float. Let me paint you a picture. We are talking a 1980's Chevy truck comes around the corner with not one side of the truck's paint matching. Lifted blaring "BAD BOY's, BAD BOY'S" covered in hand made signs with what only looks like a convict running for "County Sheriff". The cab of the truck is filled with people that can only be described as total "Red Necks" If you think that is it.... Wrong! Sitting in the bed of the truck on a cooler is this guy hand gesturing guns and pointing to the crowd like he totally has the job. Surrounding the truck on all sides are these HEAVY gals wearing jeans and wife beaters with no bra's!

Stunned we all turn to my father thinking this clearly has to be a joke.... He then informs us the he really believes that he is going to be a write in for Sheriff! Wow... I think he needs to have a reality check. I have asked my dad to take pictures of this in the Burley parade because we were all to stunned to take any the first time.

After the parade we had family out to the house to boat and do fireworks later that night! It was really fun to spend time with everyone I love. I only have a few pictures, but hopefully I will be emailed some more.
Saturday night Nate and I decided to venture in to town, and check out the Carnival in town. It was amazing I think we were the only white people there that weren't workers or policemen... All in all I truly realized how small our little community is. I had fun growing up there, but I am truly grateful for my parents hard work and encouragement to go to collage and experience things! Love you Mom and Dad. Thank you for all that you have done, and still do!

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Latested and Greatest

Things here have been flying by! I haven't had a spare moment to get the things posted that I have wanted to so this Blog is going to be a long catch up on the Durbano Family.

At the beginning of the month we celebrated Nate's Birthday in Sky Ranch with friends and family. The weekend started late on Thursday night as we caravaned down south towards our destination! We had a car load and Diesel. When we reached Hurricane (a small town that you have to go Thur to reach Sky Ranch), we came to a road barrier. Someone had placed Caution Cones across the road, and as we came to a stop wondering what's going on and why are there cones in the middle of the road our car was hit with an apple/dirt clod. We then figured out that some kids had set up a trap, and we fell right into it. Feeling anger first the MEN leaped out of the car yelling at these teenagers. After a few moments of realizing there wasn't much to do about the situation Natalie the brilliant one suggested taking the cones. The joke then fell on them, without any cones there trap was nonexistent. After everyone climbed back into the car I calmed them down by reminding Nate that he too had done tricks similar to this in his day and to give the teens a break. It's summer and not much to do. Boys will be boys.

The weekend flew by with a variety of activities. It started out with a day at the lake. We took the boat down to the lake and enjoyed tubing and sun! We also took the dogs with us. It was Diesels first time to go boating. Nate enjoyed every minute throwing him in and watching him swim.

He also enjoyed a short tube ride!

This is Rusty and Diesel all worn out after Boating.

After returning home and jumping into the pool. We headed out to dinner and a movie. After the movie the guys and Natalie(to make sure the boys were safe) went out rabbit shooting! Oh the stories that you'll here from them. It was a very eventful, fun filled night! They were out until about 2:30 am.

This is Brandon and Brandi showing their tough side.

Saturday was a more relaxed day. We hit the Outlet Mall and enjoy some shopping. After the shopping we went to this Japanese restaurant and enjoyed Sushi and watching our Chef cook for us. If you haven't experienced this kind of restaurant I would strongly recommend it. It is a blast! Take some friends and enjoy the atmosphere! If you need suggestions on where to go I will gladly recommend some places.

What more could you ask for besides GREAT Sushi, Fabulous Entertainment, and even Better Company for a night out.

My Adorable Durbano Family

Doug showing us his skills with shrimp catching.

Natalie's great catch on the 1st try.

Pat was missing Nichol so Tyson was his next option.

We have recently got another puppy! Crazy I know, but Diesel has loved Roxy! They run around all day playing with each other, and sleeping. She has been a good dog. We rescued her from a horrible situation, but it was totally worth it to see how much she has improved since we has got her.

These two love each other! These pictures occur after they have ran around play for a few hours. They are definitely Spoiled dogs.