Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I love this holiday. I has such a wonderful meaning to it. It means more to me now that I have a family of my own. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for me. So I could live with my precious family for all Eternity.

This Easter was so beautiful. The weather was perfect very warm and refreshing. I was excited this year since Izzy is getting to the age where she is more understanding of things. Our day started out with a small egg hunt. She figured it out but would get distracted. It was still cute to see her. We then took her into see what the Easter Bunny had left. She was spoiled this year. She got a play kitchen that she LOVES!! She also got a fun shopping cart and Lego's from Mimi and Grandpa. She found the Lego's hiding in the closet before Easter and pulled them out and was relentless about the being opened. Needless to say she has been enjoying them all week. Perfect for this little munchkin.

After we relaxed and got ready for church. It was such a great day to enjoy the spirit.

Then we got to go enjoy family time with the Durbano's. I have some of the best in-laws possible. I love to spend time enjoying all of their company. We had a yummy turkey dinner and cupcakes. Izzy got spoiled by her Grandma and Grandpa Durbano too. Lots of love from them as well. She loved the bubble gun! I have to keep it out of sight or she would have me doing bubbles all day long.

We also had a fun Adult Easter egg hunt at dusk. Izzy and Avery kept Doug and Shawna busy chasing them around while we hunted for the eggs. It was a blast. I love having such wonderful family. I am truly blessed.

Friday we colored eggs with Shawna, Natalie, and Avery. It was fun, but very destructive with the little ones. We only salvaged half of the eggs after all was said and done. Izzy loved smashing them in her hands and dropped them a few times. It was fun to do anyway.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dinosaur Park Fun

Tuesday of this week we got to go to the new City Creek mall and check out the Dinosaur Park play area with some friends. Izzy had a blast playing around and climbing on everything with out getting into trouble for climbing it was heaven for her. The only thing that would have made it even better is if it hadn't been spring break. Since it was there were a lot of older kids that I had to watch to make sure that they didn't trample my little Izzy.
Thanks Marina, Mo, Lindsey, and Shelby for inviting us to play!
(I have some cute video of Izzy going down the slide that I will post soon.)