Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break!

Time fly's by when you are having fun! This year for Spring Break we headed down to Sunny St. George! It was so nice to get away and relax. The first few days there we spent sleeping in, and enjoying the family. It was so nice to catch up on sleep! Mmmm sleep.....

I the middle of the week we went into Vegas to see a couple of shows and shop! As a part of my Anniversary, Valentines, Birthday for the past year I finally got my present!

"O" Show Tickets! It was so AMAZING! I would highly recommended it! I would try to describe it but it is indescribable!

We also got to see the David Copper Field show. It was a good show to see, but unfortunately he is no longer into his shows that you would hope for. Even though the magic tricks were cool his attitude "to do it and get done" was a little disappointing. If you are interested in seeing some cool tricks it is worth seeing, but if you are looking for a show you might be disappointed.

Back into St. George we relaxed by the pool and soaked up the sun. On Saturday we decided to go to Zion's National Park an do some hiking! It was really pretty, but a little cold.

Along the way on our beautiful hike Doug pointed out a particular red rock that he liked and thought would look good back at the house in the waterfall/pond that we were fixing that morning. Being the good daughter-in-law that I am I picked up the rock and hauled it up the entire trail and back down. This rock got to see everything! I mean everything because it was at the very beginning of the hike that the rock was spotted.

So back at the house we decided that the rock needed to be signed and put in it's rightful place. Here are a few pictures of the rocks beginning and landing spot at our home.

The week went by way to fast! Love you all I hope that you all have a good Spring Break!

{Pictures are forth coming. I am missing my battery charger and can't upload them, but they'll be here soon I promise.}