Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ending 2009 with a Bang!

Things here have been really crazy the past two months. It all started with me getting a job at Texas Roadhouse, and working nights. It is nice to have the money coming in, but it is no fun to leave my husband at night. I am hoping to find a different job here soon. I worked it out to make it out of town with the Durbano's for Thanksgiving! It was so nice down in St. George to relax and enjoy family. (I was lame and only got a couple pictures in the pool)

The next few weeks flew by preparing for Christmas and a SURPRISE vacation Doug and Shawna gave the family for Christmas. They wouldn't tell us where we were going so trying to figure it out was half the fun. They had to tell us to pack for warm weather and Nate and I hoped we were going to the beach. So on December 12 @ 5 AM we all hopped into the Motor home to go to the airport and were given our itinerary to........

CANCUN! (We actually stay in a town south called Puerto Adventuras)

It was the most amazing trip and much needed after this year! Nate and I basically had a second Honeymoon! We spent the week lounging out by the pool, or on the beach, I read 5 books while there, and Nate play games with his brothers. We had kayak wars out in the ocean on the waves. We snorkeled in a BEAUTIFUL Cenote. Adopted a few vacation pets. Got massages on the patio by the beach, and enjoyed the family time playing games. Thanks again Doug and Shawna!
This is a very yummy place to eat called Super Carne! The Buckley's discovered it a few years ago and I had to share it with the Durbano's, and they Loved it!

Above is Doug losing to our card game. Below is a new game that was created by us in the pool. It was a type of skipping flip flop hockey. It was a lot of fun, and we all came out with red marks across our bodies!

While we were there we found a lot of different animals a creatures. Here are a few pictures of them.

Returning home we had three days to get unpacked and repacked for our trip to Idaho for Christmas with my family! It was so much fun to spend time with the family, and watch Ellie get so excited about Santa and interact with us especially Uncle Nate. He became her best friend while there. My sister had the idea of doing homemade Christmas gifts (there was a lot of grumbling about it) but it turned out really good. I received some marshmallow guns, and we enjoyed playing with them. It was so funny to watch Ellie run around everywhere trying to find the marshmallows to eat them! Nate received from my dad custom built watch and sunglasses case (it was so nice, but not quite big enough to fit all of his fetish). It all went by way too fast.

How can you not love this little girl! She was trying to eat the lion.

Even Diesel got some Christmas Presents!