Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our New Addition

Yep, it's true after praying hard and trying for about a year and a half our prayers have been answered! We are expecting our newest addition to arrive around November 5, 2010. In part of the Easter Spirit here is our little bean (at the time he was probably that exact size of those jelly beans : )

It has been are really growing experience for both Nate and I to practice a lot of faith. Nate has been such a good support system to me. Always telling me that everything is going to work out. Keeping me positive through all of the ups and the downs. I Love that man!

I have loved watching my cute husband fail to keep this a secret. Since the day we got the blood work back with the definite news that we are pregnant he hasn't been able to keep it quite. He has already posted the news on his Facebook page. I was wondering why I was receiving a lot of congratulations from his friends when they informed where they heard. I love him to death, and am SO excited to experience this journey with him!

I have been doing good..... Until I hit my 6th week then all things changed. I have been dealing with morning sickness! It seems like the only thing that my body will intake is Pizza Hut (Mostly bread sticks), soups, and ice cream. Things that definitely bother me is the smell of seafood, heavy meats, and fruits early in the morning! Luckily I have my good days, and I live it up on those days!

Love You All and I hope that you have a very nice Easter!