Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Blog Beginning

The start of our life together is located in Layton, Utah. In a cute house that we are fixing up to be our very own. Our most recent project (against Nate's will) is painting the kitchen. It is turning our really nice though.

We have recently had an addition to our little family… I know what you are all thinking and your wrong. The addition is our adorable puppy Diesel if you can call him that. He is getting so big and fast!

He has seriously Quadupled in size!

He is so much fun and CUTE!

Not much is happening here. Nate is preparing to enter back into school in about two weeks. A necessary evil, and I am sure that you all have been there and understand, but we are very excited for him to push and finish.

Most of you that know me my hair has always been long... Well I recently had the urge to Chop my hair of and donate it to Locks of Love. It was an adventure getting the nerve to do it, but I love it!