Monday, September 5, 2011

Over 10 Months

Everyone tells you that time flies by when you have kids but no one can prepare you for the truth of that statement... My little baby is over 10 months old now! She is right around the corner of turning ONE. She has been amazing her daddy and I every day with all the new things that she can do. She is my little explorer/mischief maker/curious bug. I believe that all those descriptions go hand in hand. Since her 8 month mark she has master the art of crawling along with climbing into or on anything she can. She is on the verge of walking. Part of me is not prepared for her making this next step toward toddler stage. My baby is growing up too fast. Here are the other things that she has been up to as of late:

* Has become a real talker. She is getting close to saying and understanding the important words like "mama", "dada"
* Likes to clap her hands and say "Yeaaaaa" in a low raspy voice
* Absolutely loves the water! Baths, showers, swimming, Diesels water dish, anything that has to do with water.
* Has become a better eater over the past few months. She still is not a fan of baby food, but she will eat almost anything off of Nate's and my plate.
* Understands when she is doing something that she is not supposed to, but she will give you that big blue eyed look saying "what I'm not doing anything"
* Loves to do Patty Cake
* Discovered Diesels food and water dish. She has not tried to eat his food yet but she loves to splash in his water.
* Started to mimic people with sounds or clicking their tongue.
* Enjoys opening any drawers and cupboards that she can and empty the contents out.
* Loves jewelry. I don't wear much out of fear that she will tear it out while I am not watching. She has fast hands.
* Enjoys watching other kids.
* Loves to wrestle, be tossed, and tickled by daddy.
* Get so excited when Nate comes home from work and get upset if he doesn't acknowledge her before anyone else.
* Is an escape artists. If she is not buckled in she can get out. No more bumbo for her...
* Loves wheels. She figured out that she can roll things with wheels around.
* Still has no teeth, and we constantly wonder when they are going to make their arrival. (Not a big deal but just a note to remember)
* Loves animals. Will chase Diesel around the house wanting his attention. The only time he will give it to her is when she has food.
* Like to feed Diesel from her high chair. If he doesn't take it all the way from her she will eat it her self.
* LOVES blueberries.
* Is drawn to electronics phones, computers, anything expensive that she should not have.
* Is curious about outlets. Drives me crazy. I have all ours covered but when we visit other I constantly have to be on the watch.

Izabella still has the sweetest personality. She is not much of a crier. She really only cries when she hurts herself. She mostly alerts us by grunting. She is such a happy baby. Nate and I are so lucky to have her as a part of our family. We are truly blessed. I still can't believe how fast time has gone. We love you so much Izzy!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Dreams

Today as I was rocking Izzy to sleep for her afternoon nap she drifted off to sleep. I continued to rock her and closed my eyes for a minute. As I relaxed and enjoyed the moment I heard her giggle. Thinking that she was laughing at me because she woke up (she does this to me when she falls asleep then wakes up a few minutes later suddenly feeling energized). I slowly opened my eyes to peak at her only to find that she was still sleeping soundly. As I continued to rock her she again started to giggle over and over again. I can only imagine what she was dreaming about. I wish that I could get a glimpse into her little mind to see what she was dreaming about.

I love you to pieces Izzy! You make mommy very happy.


The other day I caught Izzy red handed eating something she was not supposed to have....

Yep chocolate! She was so proud of herself. I was concerned on where she had gotten it. I figured that Nate was sneaking her food behind my back. After confronting Nate with Izzy's dirty face and fingers, and watching him laugh and pose the same question on where did she get it we started to brain storm. Nate quickly remember that he had snuck Diesel a yummy chocolate covered pretzel. Diesel has a habit of taking a treat then dropping it on the carpet. Well this time there was a little munchkin there to pick it up and eat it. Well needless to say we now know that we have to make sure Diesel eats his treats before Izzy gets them.