Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Miracle!

I would like to introduce the newest edition to our family....

Izabella Karma Durbano
arrived @ 10:41am 10-27-10
5 lbs 14 oz 19 1/2 inches

We have made it home from the hospital and everyone is healthy and happy! I can't believe that she is finally here. Thank you for all of your love and support! (I will post more about her arrival later)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Belly Photos!

My cute friend who took our maternity photo's posted some of her favorites and I would have to agree that I love them too! Sydney you did such a great job and we are so excited to do the baby's photos. Here is her website where you can see more of her fabulous work

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time is disappearing at a rapid rate!

I have been a major blog slacker lately. Things have been really busy this summer with the house FINALLY getting done with the remodel, starting to move back into our house, getting ready for this little one to come, and doing everyday tasks! Here is the update on what has been happening. I have been working diligently on getting our house put together (pictures to come). It was is my goal to go through everything in our house and organize it the way I really want it since we are going to be here for a while now! Not to mention the nesting instinct is going full throttle, and I want everything ready before the baby comes.

I have been working at ATK and have really enjoyed it. They hired me on through a engineering company making my position a temp position. It has worked out perfectly, and I couldn't have been happier with the circumstance. I now have a good relationship with the people at ATK (especially the ones in my department), and will have future prospects if I desire to work after the baby is born. I am completely enjoying the month off before the baby comes to finish up all of these projects that I have going, and prepare for our little one to make her arrival.

Nate has been really busy with work, and his extra curricular activities of late. He has been in and out of town on paintball tournaments, and playing softball twice a week. (I have been jealous of his activities since being pregnant has prohibited me from doing some of these). On the work front he is making huge progress with some major development opportunities, and is gain great experience throughout the process. Also last fall/winter he made some joint investments with his dad by purchasing a couple of homes to remodel and sell, and as of August all three have sold with profits to the family business! His paint ball team has been taking major leaps into competitive paintball league's. They have a few different sponsors the main one being Tippman. They were the 19th team world wide to be sponsored by Tippman! I am proud of my Husband and all of his many accomplishments!

On the baby front our little one is continuing to grow, and move all of the time! Since I have stayed pretty small you can find her anytime you want, and she'll put on quite the show for those around. I am growing more and more excited to meet this little one. The reality set in yesterday as I was putting her bottles in the dishwasher that she is going to be here soon!

I still have a lot to update on my blog including both of my baby showers, our house being finished (one room left to do), and belly updates. Hopefully I can get them done before this little one makes her appearance.

P.S. Here is a little Sneak Preview of our maternity pictures done