Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend in Idaho!

This last weekend we took the Durbano's up to my parents house in Idaho. It was such a fun and relaxing weekend. I forgot to take to camera so I didn't get any pictures... I am sad about that because it was such a beautiful weekend. Perfect weather!

We arrived Friday evening to dinner and a wonderful sunset on the river. It took me back to the good ole' days of waking up and going to bed in one of the most relaxing places possible not to mention that it's home and there is no where like home. I miss it sometimes, but I am really enjoying my new home!

Saturday we had a yummy breakfast on the deck caught up the Durbano's on my history in Idaho. After we decided to take a tour around the big metropolis of Rupert : ) We started at the Minidoka Damn and Ended at the Dairy farm! It was really fun! The Durbano's had really never been to a large dairy farm that operates with so much technology. It really is interesting. I would highly recommend it to someone.

Rhett and Natalie then joined us at the house for a little boating! I am truly spoiled, there is nothing to compair skiing on the river too. It is amazing! The water is glass there is no one to boat around it is pure bliss. We had a good time watching everyone wake board or surf. My dad even went wake boarding. Man do I wish I had my camera it was one for the record books. He even attempted a large jump (he let go of the rope though) but still got some air! Nice job dad.

All and all it was so fun to be surrounded by family! There is nothing better than that. We love you Guys !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

4th of July

We got to spend the 4th of July in my home town... Rupert Idaho! It was a fun, crazy weekend. The weekend all started on Thursday afternoon on the drive up Nate and I could not stop laughing at Diesel... The first halve of the drive he was like a little kid trying to stay awake because he didn't want to miss a thing. He was leaning against the seat and his head would start to droop down, and as soon as it hit the door he'd jerk back up and do it again.
After arriving we got to relax and enjoy my family. My sister Britney and Brother-in-law Steve flew into town with Ellie so it was really nice to catch up with them and play with Ellie. As tradition goes we all get up and go to the Rupert parade on the 4th, but this year I think the parade was a little off... It seemed to be so much better as a kid.... It was still fun. Ellie became best Friends with Nate for the first time. She used his pockets to hold her candy so they are best buds now! I do have to tell you about this jaw dropping display in the parade. I wish all of you could have witnessed the madness to this float. Let me paint you a picture. We are talking a 1980's Chevy truck comes around the corner with not one side of the truck's paint matching. Lifted blaring "BAD BOY's, BAD BOY'S" covered in hand made signs with what only looks like a convict running for "County Sheriff". The cab of the truck is filled with people that can only be described as total "Red Necks" If you think that is it.... Wrong! Sitting in the bed of the truck on a cooler is this guy hand gesturing guns and pointing to the crowd like he totally has the job. Surrounding the truck on all sides are these HEAVY gals wearing jeans and wife beaters with no bra's!

Stunned we all turn to my father thinking this clearly has to be a joke.... He then informs us the he really believes that he is going to be a write in for Sheriff! Wow... I think he needs to have a reality check. I have asked my dad to take pictures of this in the Burley parade because we were all to stunned to take any the first time.

After the parade we had family out to the house to boat and do fireworks later that night! It was really fun to spend time with everyone I love. I only have a few pictures, but hopefully I will be emailed some more.
Saturday night Nate and I decided to venture in to town, and check out the Carnival in town. It was amazing I think we were the only white people there that weren't workers or policemen... All in all I truly realized how small our little community is. I had fun growing up there, but I am truly grateful for my parents hard work and encouragement to go to collage and experience things! Love you Mom and Dad. Thank you for all that you have done, and still do!