Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Have you ever Seen....

An Albino Squirrel???

I have now! Nate came in the other day from getting Diesel, and said I think I just saw an albino squirrel. I quickly asked him is he was sure, and he told me he was pretty sure. Still not quite sure I believed him I let it go. A week later he told me that he saw it again and was for sure now that it was indeed an albino squirrel. I have never been around to witness this so I continued to have my doubts, but I have now been proved wrong, and will gladly give Nate the credit. I quickly ran into get my camera to document this knowing that others would doubt the truth of this matter. So for all of you non believers or simply curious people here is the proof.
(Please click to enlarge so you can see it better)
P.S. I have lots of catch up to do, and will post updates soon of the house, and baby status!