Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Years Down & Forever To Go!

Two years ago today I had the privilege of being sealed to my Best Friend for All Eternity.  As I stop to ponder our life together I cannot help but Thank our Heavenly Father for this Wonderful Man I call Husband.  This man who holds my heart is a hard worker, a teasing playmate, a thoughtful companion, a loyal friend, a passionate soul, & a protector.   Thank you for everything you do; for standing next to me through thick and thin, for picking me up when I fall, for making me laugh when I cry, and for holding me close when times are tough.  I had no idea that I could love someone as much as I love you!  
Here's to 2 years Babe!  
I Love You!  

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lake Powell Fun

Those of you who have had the chance at going to Lake Powell you know very well that it is a great place to relax, eat lots of yummy food, spend quality time with those who accompanied you, and soak up plenty of Sun! Those of you who haven't had a chance to experience Powell I would put it on my Bucket List!

We had the privilege of being able to spend lots of time with family! The whole Durbano clan came along with a couple of visitors! Nate and I invited my Parents to come with us (since they had never been to Powell). I had so much fun sharing this place with them. I believe that they did as well! Thanks Mom and Dad for coming!

The fun adventures of the the week consisted of exploring canyons, hiking to Sand Mountain, finding Indian Ruins, climbing up to the Crack and Hiking through it, mega tub wars, Surfing, and getting even with inconsiderate neighbors.
{Since we took TONS of pictures I am going to try keep them to a minimal.}

There are so many beautiful things to see here. The mind boggles at the thought of how this magnificent place was created! Honestly I could have taken so many more pictures, but I had some self control. Here are a few of my favorite places...

While out exploring we would occasionally see some Indian ruins. It is hard to think that they lived here Pre Lake... It must have been extremely HOT! You'll have to enlarge the picture to see them better.

Sand Mountain is this spot at the Lake that has a huge Mountain of sand that people used to boggie board down, but due to the low water level I would not suggest doing it. It was a beautiful hike to get there with lots of fun wonders like a stream with little frogs, water seeping through the rocks, and lots of vegetation.

A Fantastic Hidden secret a Lake Powell would be... The Crack! It is like the cliff wall completely split off a section of the rock face and slid forward. It is completely out in the open in the main channel, but so well hidden that you'd pass right by it if you didn't know that it was there. This time when we went the Sun was in a perfect position to actually shine down through it. It was breath taking. {These picture don't quite do it justice}

It should be a law that you need shoulder pads and helmets in order to participate in Mega Tube wars. The point of Tube wars is to be the last one on the tubes. So this game consists of a lot of life jacket choking due to someone trying to throw you off the tube, jumping from tube to tube to get the next person off, tipping tubes, and laughing really hard at each other. We had a total of three tubes behind the boat and at one point 9 people playing! Talk about crazy!

Here is a friendly reminder to all of you who are Lake Powell goers, and Great advice for those of you who are planning to take a trip there at some point. We had one of the most beautiful spots that you can find, it was secluded and quiet. After being there for only one day we were intruded on by people who were inconsiderate. This cove that we found was not very big, and there really wasn't room for anyone else to come park there.... So we thought! These people park literally 100 ft from the back of our boat! GRRR!!! Nate politely went over there and asked them to reconsider due to this small space, and the company that was with them would be very intrusive on our Quiet spot. He even offered for us to help them find a new spot and help them move. They declined the offer, and was said that we should "Just Get Over It"! This is a huge lake with thousands of places to park, and they choose to park right next to us and it gets better they had 15 kids with them! 15! So we got to hear lots of crying! It is horrible educate to do that! {Here is a picture of the spot}
The first morning there with them and they get up at the crack of dawn and become incredibly loud! So in attempts to prove our point of dislike for the things that they are doing we had a late night dance party. It consisted of a lot of yelling, splashing, and making sure that we were really annoying!

One of the finale events was cliff jumping. There is a rock formation out in the middle of the lake. So all of the boys climbed up and did a grand finale of ninja moves off of the rock! {I recommend expanding the photo to catch all of the facial expressions!}

All in all the trip was fantastic! I was fun to spend time playing fun games, and doing not so smart things {like duct taping a checker board on James back}.

Until next year Lake Powell! Keep us a Spot!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Nate's 10 Year Reunion!

Yea for High School Reunions! It was so fun to go with Nate and see his friends from High School. Most of them he has kept in touch with, but a few of them live out of state so it was fun to catch up with them.

Those of you who have not had the blessed opportunity of spending time with my sweet husband would not know that he is a major tease, and in High School he hit his peak of teasing people. So it was fun to sit around and watch the boy at work trying to remember who most of the people were, and why he should remember them... Whether it be because him or one of his friends made out with her, or they were a regular on the teasing list, or Brig may or may not have fought them.... Oh the trip down memory lane was a blast. I am glad that I got to share that with him.
Nate Graduated from Layton High in 1999. Here is the supporting people from that Class.

The Trouble Makers!

The Trouble Makers significant others!