Thursday, July 29, 2010


So yesterday was the first day we could cook in 5 weeks! It was one of the happiest moments. I had to snap a quick shot of the beginning of our kitchen. It is almost done with the remodel and then we get to completely settle back in!

My mom also asked me to post a belly photo since it has almost been a month since she has seen it so here are the belly updates......

I am 26 weeks along. The baby is measured to be at the most 7 lbs when she's born (which I was a little relieved to hear having a really big baby scares me...) We did the level one ultra sound where the spend about a half hour checking the baby for all sorts of things. It was really interesting to watch. All checked out perfectly 10 fingers, 10 toes, healthy heart, brain developing greatly, no sign of any troubles. (YEAH!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Complete Chaos

After Nate graduated we sat down to make some decisions about our current and future house plans. Knowing that we had a little one on the way and that if we were going to stay where we are it had a lot of updating to be done. So after discussing our options and deciding that we love the area that we are in, and that this house has such a special place in Nate's heart due to the fact that there are so many precious memories here. It felt good to decided to start our family here.

For the past two weeks Nate and I a have been living in crazy conditions. I am excited for the end results, but I am getting very anxious for them. It all started and happened fast. I wanted to take before and after photo's I miss the before not realizing how fast they were moving. Here are some pictures of the start of demolition.
(here are just a few. I will do before and after we it gets done.)

I figured that I can deal with the craziness as long as it continues to move fast. I am really excited for this be completed so I can finally settle down and get ready for the baby, and make this house our home. Every room in our house is under construction except one... the spare bathroom.

I didn't realize how easy it is to take the daily routines for granted. I miss having a kitchen.... I dislike the fact that I can't cook or do dishes or even sit at my kitchen table. I miss the dvr.... I go crazy not being able to watch a show without commercials. As much as I love my bed and truly believe it is the most comfortable thing in the entire world..... I get tired of it being the only place I have to sit down. Little things like that start popping up....

Hopefully they will be done by the end of this week. They originally wanted to be done by now but it always takes longer than planned.