Sunday, November 30, 2008


Oh how I love the Holidays! We got to spend Thanksgiving with my whole family in Idaho. It was Great to have everyone there. Nate and I joined the family Wednesday, and with us we brought Jumbo Crab Legs and Steak, YUMMY! (For any of you who are interested in a Fantastic recipe for cooking Crab Please let me know I will pass it along!)

We then prepared ourselves for the The next day festivities! Food, Food and more Food! This is one day of the year that I can consume massive amounts of incredible food. After pies and naps we all got to hang out and enjoy everyones company, and open some Christmas presents!

We decided to play a trick on my mom by replacing the purse that we got her with golf balls. And this picture portrays here confusion of know that the box was for a purse but why was there golf balls in its place. Nate then continued to tell here that these golf balls were going to improve her golf game by extreme measures.

And here is her with her Real present! Purses are her favorite collecting items.

Ellie got a couple of DVD's from us, but not just any DVD's Scooby Doo Movies! She has a new obsession with Scooby Doo so I decided to supply here with as much Scooby as I could. She also enjoyed helping everyone open there presents as well.

Here is Nate getting a kiss from Ellie for Scooby Doo!
The Friday following Thanksgiving Rupert has a tradition that Santa comes into the Town Square and turns on all of the Christmas lights followed by fireworks! We had a ton of fun taking Ellie there to see Santa. She loved it.

We then went home and enjoyed a very competitive round of Spoons! Nate and Steve had the massive advantage know exactly how to play. My dad figured that when he accomplished his match he would capture his spoon along with scattering everyone else. It was a blast! The weekend flew by. I love being home with my family and spending time with them I can't get enough of it. I love you guys and miss you Brit and Steve!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Fun!

So Nate and I have been spend a lot of time with friends and family this fall and it has been lots of fun. To kick it off we all celebrated Dougs birthday and the Timbermine Restaurant! It was a blast to spend time with the Durb's. We over ate and laughed until tears were coming up! I love them so much!

Later in October we took a trip with our friends to Las Vegas! It was so much fun! We played a few games, ate a lot of food, and listened to lots of good music! Nate and I spent an extra day there to have a little us time. It was so nice!

We went and walked through the Belagio and went into there amazing gardens! I would strongly encourage anyone heading down that way to stop. It is always amazing.