Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun Filled Weekends!

I have been trying desperately to find time to do this blog because I have so many fun pictures that I am getting behind in. It all started February 13th the day before Lovers day. Nate and I chose to celebrate Valentines that day by enjoying each others company and getting some yummy dinner. Nate was full of surprises, and I loved every minute of it!

First he bought me these beautiful flowers! (Hand picked I might add)

Second with a fun hat and Jacket. Third with a Romantic night including candles, rose peddles, and a fire set up in our bedroom! (You all know what happened next : )

It was so nice to have a night to spend with each other and relax. I love Nate so much! He is so much more than my Knight in Shinning Armor, He's my Best Friend, my Second Half. Someone I can't live with out! I love you Honey!

Next adventure was an outdoor excursion up into the mountains to play in the snow! All of the family got together and went tubing behind the snowmobile. It was a blast. Captain Doug was there to make sure that everyone was covered in snow before the tubing adventure ended. It was so much fun. You can imagine how much snow we had! We even got Captain Doug to take a ride around!

We also took the dog's up to run and play in the snow. They had a blast they chased the tubers almost every time. By the time we got them home they were exhausted.

Then the boys built a jump so those who brought their snowboards or ski's could have even more fun.

I loved every minute of our play time. I even jumped myself and manage not to get injured!

Nate did a great job too being that he is a skier.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Much Needed Update!

Greetings everyone. Things here have been pretty slow and uneventful, but none the less we have done a few things worth mentioning. First off lets talk about all of the crazy snow that we have been getting. It has been snowing like crazy this week. Starting on Monday Mother Nature decided to drop about a foot and a half! Then today she decided to drop another six or eight inches! Lets just say that I have been day dreaming and wishing I could be somewhere tropical where the Sun doesn't hide!

So last weekend we got to go out with some friends to dinner, and bowling. It was a blast! It has been a long time since I have bowled and believe it or not Nate and I kick some booty!

Here are the girls posing for a photo opt!

Then the Girls with Jeff!

We all let Ella bowl for us and she was so excited! It was so cute to watch her try to help carry the ball and the push it down the lane. Here are a few photos of her and Nate.

We also headed out to Smith & Edwards to get some paintball supplies, and boy was I surprised. For those of you who have not ventured out there before I would highly recommend it. It is one of the most random stores ever created. I had everything from kitchen supplies to army supplies, Children's toys to what appears to be old missals (as you can witness for yourself below)

Brandy and I also found an array of hats that you couldn't help be try on and get a good giggle out of.