Thursday, October 29, 2009

Overdue Update

The past few week have been crazy busy with family in town, getting sick, Nate's paintball tournament, lots of time spent in the car, & TWO new cakes.

It all started with my sister and my two adorable nieces coming into town! They have been out of there house now for over two months due to water damage, and needed a break from the hotel, and we were more than excited that they decided to come into town. I headed up the weekend that they came into town and played lots of games with Ellie I love that she is so smart and active with me! She has such a creative mind. I also became Lila's favorite to look at, but not to come to. She is so cute!

On the downside to that trip the girls got sick.... And it of course was contagious so needless to say we all came down with it all except my Dad. I need his immune system.

After coming home I unpacked and repacked for Nate's Paintball tournament in Mesquite. It was the finale event of the season and it was a HUGE event. Randy Couture was putting on this event for the GI Foundation Charity that he started. It was an eventful weekend. It started with paintball during the day then they had some MMA fights Saturday night.

Nate went down earlier that week to help set up this event, and I have to say he did an amazing job. Him and Pat basically built everything out on the field, and he was so excited to show me his handy work!
At the fights we got to sit on the 3rd row, and it was a lot of fun to be that close. There were a few Celebs there. Dana White, Randy Couture, and Frank Mir.

When I got back from that weekend I tried to get us both unpacked and laundry done in the middle of it all I got a phone call from my sister asking me to come back up to Idaho.... So I got repacked and headed back up to Idaho to help with the girls and give them a little break. It was fun to spend time with them. Here are a few pictures from Idaho.

While I was in Idaho I made a cake for my sweet friend Amber's Baby shower with help and ideas from my sister here it is.... (It is a Cherry Chip cake with Cheese Cake and Strawberry in the middle)
I also have my final Course two cake that I had to finish. I made this cake for Nate. He wanted a White cake with strawberry filling.

The glass plate that it is on was given to me by my parents, and it belonged to my Great Grandma Buckley and I love it so much it is so beautiful and has a lot of character! Thanks mom and dad!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cakes & Snow!

This past weekend Nate and I got to head up to Idaho and enjoy my families company! It was so nice to go up and just relax and listen to conference. I can't think of anything better than that. Nate got to sleep in and it was so nice to see him lay back and relax. No phone calls or Diesel to interrupt him! Sunday morning I woke up to this.......
Can you believe this crazy weather. I had to ask my mom if I had slept until December. I was so beautiful though. After morning session I really felt like making a Snowman so my mom and I did! (Diesel tried to help by stealing the Snowman's arm and tasting the snow : ) Here is the finished product!

So my sister and I are taking some cake decorating class and due to the miles the separate us we have to spend a lot of time on the phone talking through our problems and ideas for cakes. It has been so much fun to hear the different things each instructor teaches and put the best ideas to work!

Here is my Course 1 Final Cake!

It was sooo Yummy! I put a chocolate cream inside a yellow cake!

My friend Marina is also taking the class with me and here are both of our cakes.

I had a lot of left over frosting so I decided to make so cupcakes and fill them with the filling and frost them. It was fun. (If anyone wants to come have some let me know we have lots!)

Here are a couple of Clowns that we made.