Monday, June 30, 2008

The Latested and Greatest

Things here have been flying by! I haven't had a spare moment to get the things posted that I have wanted to so this Blog is going to be a long catch up on the Durbano Family.

At the beginning of the month we celebrated Nate's Birthday in Sky Ranch with friends and family. The weekend started late on Thursday night as we caravaned down south towards our destination! We had a car load and Diesel. When we reached Hurricane (a small town that you have to go Thur to reach Sky Ranch), we came to a road barrier. Someone had placed Caution Cones across the road, and as we came to a stop wondering what's going on and why are there cones in the middle of the road our car was hit with an apple/dirt clod. We then figured out that some kids had set up a trap, and we fell right into it. Feeling anger first the MEN leaped out of the car yelling at these teenagers. After a few moments of realizing there wasn't much to do about the situation Natalie the brilliant one suggested taking the cones. The joke then fell on them, without any cones there trap was nonexistent. After everyone climbed back into the car I calmed them down by reminding Nate that he too had done tricks similar to this in his day and to give the teens a break. It's summer and not much to do. Boys will be boys.

The weekend flew by with a variety of activities. It started out with a day at the lake. We took the boat down to the lake and enjoyed tubing and sun! We also took the dogs with us. It was Diesels first time to go boating. Nate enjoyed every minute throwing him in and watching him swim.

He also enjoyed a short tube ride!

This is Rusty and Diesel all worn out after Boating.

After returning home and jumping into the pool. We headed out to dinner and a movie. After the movie the guys and Natalie(to make sure the boys were safe) went out rabbit shooting! Oh the stories that you'll here from them. It was a very eventful, fun filled night! They were out until about 2:30 am.

This is Brandon and Brandi showing their tough side.

Saturday was a more relaxed day. We hit the Outlet Mall and enjoy some shopping. After the shopping we went to this Japanese restaurant and enjoyed Sushi and watching our Chef cook for us. If you haven't experienced this kind of restaurant I would strongly recommend it. It is a blast! Take some friends and enjoy the atmosphere! If you need suggestions on where to go I will gladly recommend some places.

What more could you ask for besides GREAT Sushi, Fabulous Entertainment, and even Better Company for a night out.

My Adorable Durbano Family

Doug showing us his skills with shrimp catching.

Natalie's great catch on the 1st try.

Pat was missing Nichol so Tyson was his next option.

We have recently got another puppy! Crazy I know, but Diesel has loved Roxy! They run around all day playing with each other, and sleeping. She has been a good dog. We rescued her from a horrible situation, but it was totally worth it to see how much she has improved since we has got her.

These two love each other! These pictures occur after they have ran around play for a few hours. They are definitely Spoiled dogs.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Birthday Madness!

This week has been a very special week of celebration! June 2 was Nate and Natalie's (his twin) Birthday. We like to celebrate things as long as we can in this family. I am personally greatful because I had a two week birthday! Anyways... We have big plans made for this weekend. Nate has decided that he wants to celebrate his birthday with friends and some family down at Sky Ranch.

For those of you who are not familiar with the area. It is a tiny community of houses located east of Hurricane, UT. It is a very beautiful and secluded area where we can relax, four wheel, and doing some shooting. It is going to be an eventful weekend so look forward to a future Blog!

I would also like to recognize one of my very best friends that also shares the famous birthday day June 2. This would be my incredible friend Jessie Pennington! Jessie and I spent many endless nights enjoying take out, reality TV, and each others company. We also spent the majority of our day laying by the pool and reading gossip magazines! Who could ask more than that.

Sadly enough her husband Grant (who is amazing) decided to finish school and start his career back in Farmington, New Mexico with his family. By doing this he took Jessie with him even though I offered to keep her with me. How selfish was that! (Just teasing) This has brought a many great things to their life's though. Including there first baby. A boy due in September! I couldn't be more excited for them, and I look forward to seeing them step in to the world of parenting.

Jessie, Happy Birthday! I love you and miss you! You too Grant. : )

Not to drag this out too much longer but I would also like to make a shout out to Meag and Lis and wish them also a Happy Birthday! They too share the amazing day of June 2, and they happen to be twins as well! I am a fan of fun events!