Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1/2 Year old!

{April 27, 2011 was her six month mark}
Man how time flies by. I cannot believe that my little one is 6 months old.

Izzy Stats:
Weighs 13 lbs 5%
Length 26 inches 60%

Here are a few things Izabella has been up to:

*Has the Bluest eyes
*Is a complete toe head (I was hoping that her hair might go to a strawberry blonde color, but I think she is going to stay a blonde)

*Still loves to chew on her fingers
*Found that her toes are just as fun to chew on
*Still wants nothing to do with food (I have been trying to feed her food since her four month check up and she still wont eat a thing. I wonder if she will ever eat)
*Rolls mostly from her back to her belly and occasionally from her belly to her back
*LOVES, Loves, loves her jumper
*Loves to play with crinkly sounding things (chip bags, wipe container, etc...)
*Thinks that Diesel is the greatest (she will laugh so hard when he is playing)
*Loves to play with her Daddy (especially when he throws her in the air)
*Plays with mommies hair while she eats her bottle and loves to pull on it whenever she can grab it
*Sleeping about 6-8 hours a night consistently
*Is a perfect alarm clock for 7:30 am every morning
*LOVES to take showers (I hardly get to shower by myself any more)
*She has found her voice and loves to use it
*Still never cries she just likes to use her angry voice when she is hungry or tired
*Startles really easy at loud noises, and does not like really loud people
*Denies juice unless you will let her try and drink from your glass (even then it is not really for the juice she just likes to chew on the cup)
*Chews on anything she can get in her mouth
*Likes to be in the kitchen with me and play with the KitchenAid
*Likes her highchair for the fact that she can throw things over the edge and mommy will get them for her
*Can almost sit on her own (she is still wobbly)
*Loves to look at herself in the mirror
*Likes to take naps in mommy and daddy's bed
{We only lost a few flowers taking these photos}

She is such a good baby and such a blessing to have in our life's! I am so grateful to have been chosen to be her mother. I love you Izabella!