Sunday, February 26, 2012

16 Months and 20 Weeks

Man how time flies by! I cannot believe that Izzy is 16 months old and that this new baby is half way to being the new member of our family. I know that I have been a total blog stacker I am determined to get caught up some time in the near future. But for now I hope that you enjoy what is happening in the present.

Izzy is growing at a rapid pace. She is getting smarter and loving to discover new things daily. I love every moment. Even the ones that keep me busy cleaning up after her which happen more often than not. Things she has been up to are:

*She has five and a half teeth two bottom, one and a half top and two top molars
*Sitting at the window yelling "BYE, BYE" to her daddy when he leaves for work
*Giving lots of kisses and making kissy noises
*Saying "Grandpa pa"
*Still loves Diesel and will call for him all day long
*LOVES to be outside and has to walk everywhere especially through snow and mud
*Discovered that when she steps on leafs on the ground they make a "crunch"
*Is finally sleeping through the night and done with bottles!!
*She will tell you she is hungry by signing and say "eat" and "more"
*Is a really good eater especially breakfast food
*Loves her pancakes, grapes, and blueberries
*Likes to try and drink out of mommy and daddy's cup and is pretty good at it with help
*Loves to play with her cousins
*Still loves anything to do with water baths, swimming, washing hands, diesels water dish
*She loves to observe all that she can with those big blue eyes of hers
*She will stop what she is doing just to come give you a hug and kiss
*Loves to watch Toy Story, Tangled, and Mickey Mouse
*She favors her grandpas and uncles loves to snuggle with them
*Enjoys sitting in mommys lap while I do my makeup
*Like to shut doors and knock while saying "bye"
*Loves to try and help mommy in the kitchen
*Will dance to most music
*Loves stickers I find them all over my house
*Unrolling toilet paper and shredding it
*Dumping baby powder all over her rocking chair and self
*Pouring powder sugar in the storage room
*Helps mommy load the dishwasher (with random items)
*Disappears fast and is found in the washing machine
*Loves to unzip bags and dump the contents out
*Loves to color and does a pretty good job at remembering to find paper to color on
*She is not very good at reading books she gets very busy and doesn't like to hold still
*LOVES, LOVES the computer I have a hard time doing anything at it for more that a minute or two because she is usually at my feet fussing to get up and bang on the keys
*She loves to be naked and runs away when you try to get her dressed
especially after bath time

(She loves her daddy so much! I love them both)
(She looks like a big girl and it breaks my heart she is growing so fast)

Nate and I are loving every moment with this adventurous little one. There are moments and times that I am exhausted from trying to keep up with her, but I love her so much. It is amazing how much love you can have for your children. I can't imagine life without her sweet personality. She is still such a good girl. She is going to be a great big sister! Peanut mom and dad love you to pieces I wish I could slow down time because it is going by very fast. Too fast for my liking.

The new baby has been letting me know of its presents of late. She has been kicking and moving all around. I love the little flutters.