Monday, December 13, 2010

Where is Izabella?

So I was down in the basement which is Nate's man cave and he asked me to go grab him the vacuum. So being a good wife I passed him Izzy, and headed up stairs to grab it. When I came back I noticed that he wasn't holding her. Hoping desperately that he didn't set her down on the gross floor or on a table I started scanning around the room searching for her only to find her snuggled up in one of his traveling trunks on top of foam and paintball clothes. She didn't seem to mind at all.

Izabella Update

I cannot believe how fast time goes by... It seems just like yesterday that I found out that we were pregnant with her, and now it has already been over six weeks since I had Izzy. I love being a mom!

She has started to sleep 5 hours at night! Yippee! Nate and I have been enjoying her cute personality that is starting to show. She loves to look at you while you're talking to her. She has also started to smile, and let me tell you she can melt your heart with her smile. She is a little over 8 lbs, and growing like crazy. I feel very lucky because she is such a good baby. She is always happy, she hardly ever cries (not even when she is hungry). I am so blessed to have her in my life.
Nate and Izzy enjoying a nap together.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Picture Perfect

I have been loving on this beautiful baby the past week!
I can't get enough of her!

by Sydney Jan Photography

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Miracle!

I would like to introduce the newest edition to our family....

Izabella Karma Durbano
arrived @ 10:41am 10-27-10
5 lbs 14 oz 19 1/2 inches

We have made it home from the hospital and everyone is healthy and happy! I can't believe that she is finally here. Thank you for all of your love and support! (I will post more about her arrival later)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Belly Photos!

My cute friend who took our maternity photo's posted some of her favorites and I would have to agree that I love them too! Sydney you did such a great job and we are so excited to do the baby's photos. Here is her website where you can see more of her fabulous work

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time is disappearing at a rapid rate!

I have been a major blog slacker lately. Things have been really busy this summer with the house FINALLY getting done with the remodel, starting to move back into our house, getting ready for this little one to come, and doing everyday tasks! Here is the update on what has been happening. I have been working diligently on getting our house put together (pictures to come). It was is my goal to go through everything in our house and organize it the way I really want it since we are going to be here for a while now! Not to mention the nesting instinct is going full throttle, and I want everything ready before the baby comes.

I have been working at ATK and have really enjoyed it. They hired me on through a engineering company making my position a temp position. It has worked out perfectly, and I couldn't have been happier with the circumstance. I now have a good relationship with the people at ATK (especially the ones in my department), and will have future prospects if I desire to work after the baby is born. I am completely enjoying the month off before the baby comes to finish up all of these projects that I have going, and prepare for our little one to make her arrival.

Nate has been really busy with work, and his extra curricular activities of late. He has been in and out of town on paintball tournaments, and playing softball twice a week. (I have been jealous of his activities since being pregnant has prohibited me from doing some of these). On the work front he is making huge progress with some major development opportunities, and is gain great experience throughout the process. Also last fall/winter he made some joint investments with his dad by purchasing a couple of homes to remodel and sell, and as of August all three have sold with profits to the family business! His paint ball team has been taking major leaps into competitive paintball league's. They have a few different sponsors the main one being Tippman. They were the 19th team world wide to be sponsored by Tippman! I am proud of my Husband and all of his many accomplishments!

On the baby front our little one is continuing to grow, and move all of the time! Since I have stayed pretty small you can find her anytime you want, and she'll put on quite the show for those around. I am growing more and more excited to meet this little one. The reality set in yesterday as I was putting her bottles in the dishwasher that she is going to be here soon!

I still have a lot to update on my blog including both of my baby showers, our house being finished (one room left to do), and belly updates. Hopefully I can get them done before this little one makes her appearance.

P.S. Here is a little Sneak Preview of our maternity pictures done

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Have you ever Seen....

An Albino Squirrel???

I have now! Nate came in the other day from getting Diesel, and said I think I just saw an albino squirrel. I quickly asked him is he was sure, and he told me he was pretty sure. Still not quite sure I believed him I let it go. A week later he told me that he saw it again and was for sure now that it was indeed an albino squirrel. I have never been around to witness this so I continued to have my doubts, but I have now been proved wrong, and will gladly give Nate the credit. I quickly ran into get my camera to document this knowing that others would doubt the truth of this matter. So for all of you non believers or simply curious people here is the proof.
(Please click to enlarge so you can see it better)
P.S. I have lots of catch up to do, and will post updates soon of the house, and baby status!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


So yesterday was the first day we could cook in 5 weeks! It was one of the happiest moments. I had to snap a quick shot of the beginning of our kitchen. It is almost done with the remodel and then we get to completely settle back in!

My mom also asked me to post a belly photo since it has almost been a month since she has seen it so here are the belly updates......

I am 26 weeks along. The baby is measured to be at the most 7 lbs when she's born (which I was a little relieved to hear having a really big baby scares me...) We did the level one ultra sound where the spend about a half hour checking the baby for all sorts of things. It was really interesting to watch. All checked out perfectly 10 fingers, 10 toes, healthy heart, brain developing greatly, no sign of any troubles. (YEAH!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Complete Chaos

After Nate graduated we sat down to make some decisions about our current and future house plans. Knowing that we had a little one on the way and that if we were going to stay where we are it had a lot of updating to be done. So after discussing our options and deciding that we love the area that we are in, and that this house has such a special place in Nate's heart due to the fact that there are so many precious memories here. It felt good to decided to start our family here.

For the past two weeks Nate and I a have been living in crazy conditions. I am excited for the end results, but I am getting very anxious for them. It all started and happened fast. I wanted to take before and after photo's I miss the before not realizing how fast they were moving. Here are some pictures of the start of demolition.
(here are just a few. I will do before and after we it gets done.)

I figured that I can deal with the craziness as long as it continues to move fast. I am really excited for this be completed so I can finally settle down and get ready for the baby, and make this house our home. Every room in our house is under construction except one... the spare bathroom.

I didn't realize how easy it is to take the daily routines for granted. I miss having a kitchen.... I dislike the fact that I can't cook or do dishes or even sit at my kitchen table. I miss the dvr.... I go crazy not being able to watch a show without commercials. As much as I love my bed and truly believe it is the most comfortable thing in the entire world..... I get tired of it being the only place I have to sit down. Little things like that start popping up....

Hopefully they will be done by the end of this week. They originally wanted to be done by now but it always takes longer than planned.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rocking our World!

Nate was a little distraught at first (he really wanted a boy) worrying about all of the time he's going to have to spend protecting our baby girl, but he is coming around to the thought that he's going to be her Hero! And not to stress about the future. She is going to love her daddy soo much I can already see it now. I can't wait to meet her!

She is completely healthy! She was rubbing her head and wiggling around. It was so amazing to see. Some of our family got to join us for this ultra sound and it was such a fun experience! Here are a few shots of our little girl!
Here is a shot of my belly. I am finally starting to show. (I am just over 4 months)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


To celebrate Nate Graduating I planned a trip for us to Mexico! It was soo much fun and a needed break from everything. We were accompanied by our friends Pat and Nichole our family, Bruce & Stacy; Doug & Shawna. The trip started out a little rough by being stuck at Mexican Customs for 3 1/2 hours! Getting to our villa and realizing the pictures were very deceiving, and then raining for the first two days.... But by Wednesday luckily the weather started to improve, and Shawna's smooth talking got us upgraded to Casa Agava where we stayed in December. We are so grateful for the upgrade THANK YOU Doug, Shawna, Bruce, & Stacy!

After finally getting settled in our new location we started to relax and enjoy our trip. We did a lot of relaxing, and laying out in the sun everyone at some point or another got sunburned (okay so maybe a little too much sun). We then decided to try our luck at deep sea fishing because every boat that came into the dock had quite the catch. It ended up being a nice boat ride.... No such luck for us not a single fish.

Our next adventure was to XPLOR! It was so much fun they had ton's of activities that adults enjoy. We started out with a ZipLine tour over the jungle with three water landings. It was SO much fun. Next we went for a ride through the jungle on these little ATV's. We were able to drive down into these caves, and some had water in them. After that we took a refreshing swim in the under ground cenote. It was a blast! If you are ever down in the Cancun area I would highly suggest making time for this excursion.

We were sad to come home, but it was such a nice trip relaxing. We of course made a new friend with the neighbors dog... She was the most unique and pretty thing we'd seen. She is an albino doberman pincher. She was the sweetest thing just wanted to be petted and be close to you.
Check out her eyes they were silver

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Going On's

Things here have been really busy, and time has gotten away from me. I am finally out of my first trimester and starting to feel better. YEA!! For a while there I thought I wasn't going to make it.... I give thanks to modern medicine! I have started to show, but just a little bit. I am anxiously waiting to feel this little one, and to find out what we are having. We will be finding out the sex of the baby on May 26th so if you'd like to cast a vote on what your guess is as to what were are having please feel free. To vote just put a post it in the comments. (I was having dificulties with the Poll)

Nate and I are going to start remodeling/updating our house before the baby comes which means I have started a MAJOR task list with getting ready for the make-over, and de-junking the house! I think I'm in over my head.... I am trying to focus on one project a night. It is going to be a busy, but good summer!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our New Addition

Yep, it's true after praying hard and trying for about a year and a half our prayers have been answered! We are expecting our newest addition to arrive around November 5, 2010. In part of the Easter Spirit here is our little bean (at the time he was probably that exact size of those jelly beans : )

It has been are really growing experience for both Nate and I to practice a lot of faith. Nate has been such a good support system to me. Always telling me that everything is going to work out. Keeping me positive through all of the ups and the downs. I Love that man!

I have loved watching my cute husband fail to keep this a secret. Since the day we got the blood work back with the definite news that we are pregnant he hasn't been able to keep it quite. He has already posted the news on his Facebook page. I was wondering why I was receiving a lot of congratulations from his friends when they informed where they heard. I love him to death, and am SO excited to experience this journey with him!

I have been doing good..... Until I hit my 6th week then all things changed. I have been dealing with morning sickness! It seems like the only thing that my body will intake is Pizza Hut (Mostly bread sticks), soups, and ice cream. Things that definitely bother me is the smell of seafood, heavy meats, and fruits early in the morning! Luckily I have my good days, and I live it up on those days!

Love You All and I hope that you have a very nice Easter!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Beautiful Cake!

This last weekend has been very busy! I spent the entire day Thursday making a wedding cake for my sweet Aunt Rita! I was so excited, but very nervous! I believe that it turned out beautiful! It was a vanilla cake with raspberry filling, and the top tier was chocolate with raspberry filling. I spent day's brainstorming on what to do to make a simple but beautiful cake for the Valentines wedding and here is how it turned out...........

I hope that you all had a very loving Valentines Day! I have had a wonderful weekend with my sweet husband! Love you Babe!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ending 2009 with a Bang!

Things here have been really crazy the past two months. It all started with me getting a job at Texas Roadhouse, and working nights. It is nice to have the money coming in, but it is no fun to leave my husband at night. I am hoping to find a different job here soon. I worked it out to make it out of town with the Durbano's for Thanksgiving! It was so nice down in St. George to relax and enjoy family. (I was lame and only got a couple pictures in the pool)

The next few weeks flew by preparing for Christmas and a SURPRISE vacation Doug and Shawna gave the family for Christmas. They wouldn't tell us where we were going so trying to figure it out was half the fun. They had to tell us to pack for warm weather and Nate and I hoped we were going to the beach. So on December 12 @ 5 AM we all hopped into the Motor home to go to the airport and were given our itinerary to........

CANCUN! (We actually stay in a town south called Puerto Adventuras)

It was the most amazing trip and much needed after this year! Nate and I basically had a second Honeymoon! We spent the week lounging out by the pool, or on the beach, I read 5 books while there, and Nate play games with his brothers. We had kayak wars out in the ocean on the waves. We snorkeled in a BEAUTIFUL Cenote. Adopted a few vacation pets. Got massages on the patio by the beach, and enjoyed the family time playing games. Thanks again Doug and Shawna!
This is a very yummy place to eat called Super Carne! The Buckley's discovered it a few years ago and I had to share it with the Durbano's, and they Loved it!

Above is Doug losing to our card game. Below is a new game that was created by us in the pool. It was a type of skipping flip flop hockey. It was a lot of fun, and we all came out with red marks across our bodies!

While we were there we found a lot of different animals a creatures. Here are a few pictures of them.

Returning home we had three days to get unpacked and repacked for our trip to Idaho for Christmas with my family! It was so much fun to spend time with the family, and watch Ellie get so excited about Santa and interact with us especially Uncle Nate. He became her best friend while there. My sister had the idea of doing homemade Christmas gifts (there was a lot of grumbling about it) but it turned out really good. I received some marshmallow guns, and we enjoyed playing with them. It was so funny to watch Ellie run around everywhere trying to find the marshmallows to eat them! Nate received from my dad custom built watch and sunglasses case (it was so nice, but not quite big enough to fit all of his fetish). It all went by way too fast.

How can you not love this little girl! She was trying to eat the lion.

Even Diesel got some Christmas Presents!