Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rocking our World!

Nate was a little distraught at first (he really wanted a boy) worrying about all of the time he's going to have to spend protecting our baby girl, but he is coming around to the thought that he's going to be her Hero! And not to stress about the future. She is going to love her daddy soo much I can already see it now. I can't wait to meet her!

She is completely healthy! She was rubbing her head and wiggling around. It was so amazing to see. Some of our family got to join us for this ultra sound and it was such a fun experience! Here are a few shots of our little girl!
Here is a shot of my belly. I am finally starting to show. (I am just over 4 months)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


To celebrate Nate Graduating I planned a trip for us to Mexico! It was soo much fun and a needed break from everything. We were accompanied by our friends Pat and Nichole our family, Bruce & Stacy; Doug & Shawna. The trip started out a little rough by being stuck at Mexican Customs for 3 1/2 hours! Getting to our villa and realizing the pictures were very deceiving, and then raining for the first two days.... But by Wednesday luckily the weather started to improve, and Shawna's smooth talking got us upgraded to Casa Agava where we stayed in December. We are so grateful for the upgrade THANK YOU Doug, Shawna, Bruce, & Stacy!

After finally getting settled in our new location we started to relax and enjoy our trip. We did a lot of relaxing, and laying out in the sun everyone at some point or another got sunburned (okay so maybe a little too much sun). We then decided to try our luck at deep sea fishing because every boat that came into the dock had quite the catch. It ended up being a nice boat ride.... No such luck for us not a single fish.

Our next adventure was to XPLOR! It was so much fun they had ton's of activities that adults enjoy. We started out with a ZipLine tour over the jungle with three water landings. It was SO much fun. Next we went for a ride through the jungle on these little ATV's. We were able to drive down into these caves, and some had water in them. After that we took a refreshing swim in the under ground cenote. It was a blast! If you are ever down in the Cancun area I would highly suggest making time for this excursion.

We were sad to come home, but it was such a nice trip relaxing. We of course made a new friend with the neighbors dog... She was the most unique and pretty thing we'd seen. She is an albino doberman pincher. She was the sweetest thing just wanted to be petted and be close to you.
Check out her eyes they were silver