Monday, November 14, 2011

Izabella's 1st Birthday Celebrations Part 3

I was really excited for Izabella's birthday. I started planning on what treats to make, and oh man there were so many that I wanted to try. I decided to stick to fall flavors so I made some really yummy caramel apple cupcakes, caramel apples, and chocolate cupcakes. For Izzy's cake I did a pumpkin cake.
We did a really low key party since it was her first birthday and we wanted her to enjoy her friends and family so we just socialized for the first part and watched all of the kids play and enjoy the balloons.
After a little while we let Izzy open her presents, and I was so surprised to she her immediately pull at the tissue paper, and tare at the wrapping paper. She was on a roll. She got lots of goods, and we are so thankful for all of the love and support.
It was then time for the CAKE!! We lite the candle and sang happy birthday pulled the cake closer and she reached out and before Nate could stop her she reached out and tried to touch the candle. Needless to say it went all down hill. After I got her calmed down she was afraid that the cake was going to hurt her. So we decided to add some gold fish crackers to entice her into digging into the cake. I had it built up that she was going to tare right into it, but she would take a gold fish out and lick it. It finally ended with the cake on the floor, and Izzy dumping it on the ground and started to try and step in it. Silly girl.
Here is Zoey trying to clean up the frosting.
Here are some extra pictures for your viewing pleasure.


mug's life said...

so cute!!! you did such a great job (I am not suprised!!) what a beautiful baby you have, and you are such a great mom! I miss seeing you, hope you are doing good!!!

Hill said...

Can't believe that your little one is one already. She is adorable.


ruzzel01 said...

He sure love the pumpkin cake.
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