Monday, March 26, 2012

Joy and Trials

Today has been one of those days. It started out very early for our family and just continued to be an off day. Izzy has been teething for the last week and I can't wait for all of those teeth to pop through. Which means she has been moody, runny nose, congested and in pain. She still is such a little trooper, but at night she turns into a very needy/fussy girl. I don't blame her. She went down early last night and woke early this morning causing our daily routine to be off schedule. Not feeling t0o bad about this I left her in bed with daddy watching a cartoon while I went to the doctor for my 24 week check up. She was almost asleep before I left. Figuring that she was going to take an early nap I ran to the doctor in hopes of returning home to my bed for some much needed shut eye. No such luck. Minutes after arriving home she woke up. The day continued this way every time I had her down I would long for my bed, but never able to make it there due to appointments here at the house.

There was a moment today that I longed for the option to call in sick... But there is no such luck in the mommy department. It always seems like when I have those brief moments of weakness and guilt for feeling this way. I stop and count my blessings. As I snuggled Izzy in my arms enjoying this sweet beautiful girl I soak up this time we have together, and have excitement for what is to come as her baby sister kick her. I love these moments. They are the most precious moments to me.

I love this girl and her personality. She keeps me on my toes and smiling all day even when she is being mischievous. I am excited for her to be a big sister, but also very nervous about this next chapter in life. I pray for the energy to keep up with her and make sure that she is getting more than enough love and attention she needs.

Being a mother is an indescribable position to be able to be blessed with. There are far more ups than downs. Along with new experience only found in being a mother. I have new respect for my mother and all that she did for me growing up. I am so touched that Heavenly Father has blessed me with this opportunity.

I love you Izabella! I am so grateful for the time we get to spend together and for your sweet spirit. For those looks that has your daddy written all over it. For keeping me on my toes and training me to be more relaxed mom and enjoy life more.


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